Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Baller ID From Kotex

kotex baller id

I haven’t tried the other Kotex pads yet. I only use Kotex Luxe and Whisper. Can anybody comment on the other pads? Is it a GO or a NO?


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  2. uhm kitty? have you heard of lovemoon anion sanitary pads? it has a really good quality than those out in the market

  3. I say go! :) I've been using Kotex (dry comfort maxi with wings) for years now. I've tried almost every brand (Whisper, Modess, etc.) but with Kotex, I had less leaks :) I'm really surprised as to why Whisper and Modess are more popular to the ladies.

  4. Hi Tin! Thank you for this comment! I'll definitely try their other pads. I bought 2 tin cans of the new Luxe and they're so cuuute!!!



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