Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quick Help for Pimples

I’ve been using this product for a month now and I’m very impressed with the results.

garnier SOS blemish clear pen, by bitsandtreats Garnier SOS Blemish Clear Pen

I keep having these stubborn pimples on my right cheek, near the jawline for months now. I’ve been using the Overnight Pimple Gel from Eskinol for years and have been satisfied with the results. It’s not really an overnight miracle gel and we (MB, friends) can attest to that. I’ve had enough and finally tried this blemish gel from Garnier.

I’m so glad I did! It’s more expensive than Eskinol (a little under Php200) but the results are totally worth the price. I applied this after washing my face then the next morning, my pimples were all dried up! I love it! When applied immediately to fresh pimples, I noticed that when the pimple heals, there is no dark spot left on my skin. There’s usually a dark spot left with Eskinol’s gel.

I get mixed results depending perhaps on the type of pimple/rash that pops up. Sometimes it takes only a few hours for it to heal and there are times when it takes about a day or two but it’s definitely faster than Eskinol.

This is a clear gel and the tube is better than Eskinol. With Eskinol, the gel just oozes out of control even when I just slightly pinch the tube. With Garnier, product dispensing is controlled. 

There is minimal peeling whereas with Eskinol, I look like I slathered Maxipeel on half my face. I can’t remember if there’s a scent but if it has then it doesn’t bother me. There’s a little stinging but it’s tolerable. Eskinol’s stinging is much worse. I also like the fact that it removes the dark spots left by the dried up pimple. I’ve been trying to erase the dark spots on my cheek for months now with Eskinol to no avail. I use Garnier for a week and voila! No more old dark spots.

MB still prefers Eskinol because he feels it’s much more effective because of the stinging and itching sensation after application. I didn’t feel like arguing and explaining and so I let him be. Besides, that’s a reason to finally use up the Eskinol gel. = )

This will be a staple in my vanity. Get this at Watsons, Landmark or Beauty by SM.


  1. Great post, it was very helpful :)

  2. Hi dearie! Thanks for the review. Gosh, I used to ignore this product before because I thought pimple clearing gel like this are not effective. Hmm, I think I may try this next time I drop by Watsons. I sometimes get pimples on my forehead and chin area.

    Lots of love,

  3. Hi Golden! You're welcome! and thanks for visiting my blog! I found yours and I'll visit it later after I finish this darn paperwork. = )

  4. Lucky you it worked for you! This does nothing for my pimples. SAD!



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