Monday, August 30, 2010

For the Men: Nivea Active 3

Nivea is fast becoming a staple in my vanity, makeup kit and bathroom. Now, it’s slowly invading MB’s space too!

nivea for men active 3 showerl gel shower, shampoo, shave, by bitandtreats Nivea For Men Active 3
Shower. Shampoo. Shave

Like most guys, MB just uses whatever is in the bathroom – soap, shampoo, facial wash. But not anymore. Ever since I bought him his very own facial wash, he has been conscious about the products that he uses. He became vain.

I saw this Nivea For Men 3-in-1 product at Watsons Greenbelt during my usual rounds. I asked MB if he wanted to have his own shower gel. At first he was reluctant because he says it will just add to our expenses. I insisted because of the great results he got from the L’oreal facial wash.

And like the facial wash, he was also excited to try this. He doesn’t use this for shaving nor shampooing though. He uses this plainly as a shower gel. Why not just buy a plain shower gel, you say? Well, at that time, this was the cheaper (cheapest?) among the shower gels. Also, there aren’t too many options in Watsons GB. I think this is about Php120. I’m not sure as we bought this in July but it’s definitely less than Php200.

This smells sooooo good on his skin. It’s almost the exact smell as when it’s in the bottle. Scents react differently on MB’s skin that’s why we chose the safest scent. I’m glad we picked the right one! The scent also lingers the whole day until he takes a bath again in the evening. It’s also great when layered with Penshoppe’s Boy in Love perfume.

As typical of any man, when asked how he finds this product, his answer was “okay”.  I prodded more and found out that he doesn’t get itchy, dry skin. He also doesn’t get sticky when it’s too hot and he’s sweating.

If you’re getting annoyed with the man in your life for using your stuff, I suggest you buy this as a present. You’ll both be thankful.

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