Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For the Boys

When I buy new products, I allow myself at least 2 weeks to a month before I do a review. It might seem that the products I feature here are always new but in truth, they’ve been sitting around in my vanity or bathroom for quite some time now, being tested. There are even times when I feature a product that has already reached pan i.e. Nivea Angel Star Body SoufflĂ©.

This product is no exception:

loreal men expert hydra energetic detoxifying foam, by bitsandtreats L’oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Detoxifying Foam 

MB has been using this for a month now and so we can safely evaluate it. It claims to instantly detoxify skin – Check. Reveals more radiant – Check, even skin – X.

MB is fair. He’s actually 5x whiter than me but his face is oily so the oil makes him look darker. After using this, his face became brighter but the oil is still there. I’ve noticed that his face is softer now. His face is still oily but not as oily as before. So I guessed this facial foam controlled that a bit. He also didn’t break out and didn’t get allergies. Sometimes he has sensitive skin.He used Pond’s before and he broke out.

It’s funny how men say that they’re not vain or that they ‘pretend’ to cringe whenever we buy them ‘beauty products’. When I was shopping at Watsons, I happened to see this and asked MB if he wanted to try it. He said no. I insisted and went to the cashier immediately to pay for it so that I won’t hear any buts or no’s anymore. When we got home, he was very excited to take this out of the eco tote and carefully read the label. See, they’re vain. Who doesn’t want to look good anyway?

Next time I’ll be purchasing the oil control variant to see what works better for him. The L’oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Detoxifying Foam costs Php195 at Watsons and Beauty by SM.


  1. thanks dear for sharing the bf will love this.. mas vain sakin hehehe

  2. they're like that naman tlga. ayaw pa nilang umamin! hay, boys...



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