Thursday, July 15, 2010

Firmer Skin Without the Pain

They say no pain, no gain. I say work smart, not hard. Why would you want to suffer when there’s an easier alternative, right?

I became curious with skin firming lotions after trying Nivea’s. Nivea worked but it was way too sticky for me and I don’t like sticky lotions. I chanced upon this, one day while in the mall:

st. ives skin firming lotion, by bitsandtreatsSt. Ives Skin Firming Lotion
St. Ives products have been in my family for years so I didn’t have any qualms in purchasing this.

I’d say that it was a wise decision indeed. The product promises firmer skin in 2 weeks. It did make my skin firmer. Just be sure to apply this religiously. I only apply this at night on trouble areas and I’ve seen results. What more if you apply this twice a day, everyday! I am certain that I didn’t apply this for 2 weeks straight on my first run. I tend to forget these things especially when I’m too tired or have too much in my mind.

st. ives skin firming lotion back label, by bitsandtreats   In case you want to read the label

This pump bottle costs Php210 at Watsons. Plus points for the all natural ingredients and the recycled material.

The lotion is just a tad bit sticky but you’re okay if it’s not hot and you’re not perspiring. There is a mild smell that’s not irritating. It’s actually quite nice. No allergies whatsoever. I rub the leftovers all over my hands and I’ve noticed that they’re smoother and firmer. If you want top notch results, you may want to use the St. Ives Firming lotion with this, this and this. If you’re looking for miraculous results that only surgery can give, then I guess this product isn’t for you. This is just a cheaper, pain-free alternative. You get what you pay for.

Hope everybody is okay after that terrible typhoon which left me up almost the whole night. I was scared of the constant lashing of the rains and winds on our windows. It brings back memories of Ondoy and Milenyo. We reallly have to fix the Earth fast!

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