Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grape Bella-ela, ela...

You girls already know that I hoarded these two products above (Grape Bella Exfoliating Body Polish and Grape Bella Moisturising Shower Cream) when they were on sale at 20% off. I didn't make a review back then because I wanted to use these products a little longer before giving a review. 

Now that I've almost finished a bottle and a tube, I'd like to share with you my experience.

First, the packaging: very nice and sexy. The first time I saw this at Watsons Greenbelt, I wanted to buy it but my sensitive skin made me think twice. What made me try this? Curiosity and I couldn't resist anymore. I just wish they made this a flip-top instead of a screw on type. I guess they were aiming for the wine look.

The scent: Like grape juice and wine that is very pleasing to my nose. I just recently found out that if I don't slather on lotion, the scent is transferred to my clothes when I sweat. Is that crazy or what? My top smells like  the shower cream on my stomach area (where I sweat the most) and not on any other part of my top. I really can't smell the scent on my skin but it's on my clothes alright. Weird...

The texture/consistency of the shower cream: Perfect, just like any other good body wash. You only need to put a small amount in your bath lily to get a really good lather. I made the mistake of putting too much on my first try. I think I've been using my bottle for almost a month now. And I'm sharing this with MB. So tipid!

The tricky part is the exfoliating body polish. You know I have sensitive skin and using scrubs is a surefire way to get it pissed off. Luckily, the Grape Bella Exfoliating Body Polish appeased the gods and didn't make my skin breakout into patches of itchy rash. After soaping with the shower cream, I put the scrub on top. I don't rinse off the cream first. I use it with the scrub. I've used the scrub on the very sensitive areas of my skin such as my neck and decolletage but didn't get any problems. Rinse off and rinse well afterwards.

The best part is, I am left with super soft and super smooth skin after a long luxurious bath. Even my elbows and knees are super soft after I use these two products. These are absolutely perfect for the summer.

I believe this is a limited edition line. I still have a few bottles/tubes left so I guess I'm good until the official end of summer. 

Price: P169 for the body polish and P159 for the shower cream

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