Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HG Oil Control Film?

I'm very fond of using oil control films, not that I have very oily skin but I'm too OC. I don't like to put foundation or makeup on a dirty, oily face. I've tried a lot of oil blotters since I was a teenager ranging from cheap to somewhat expensive. I kept changing brands over the years and finally settled for the cheaper ones because I was naive. = ) And needed the money. I thought all oil control sheets were equal. So I settled. But not anymore!

I ran out of oil control sheets and I had my mind set on buying The Body Shop's even though it came with a very expensive price tag. I wanted to try something new. It was out of stock or probably they stopped producing it. So in my desperation, I went to Landmark and was ready to settle for the cheaper ones again but then found this:

I was sold on the packaging without even looking at the price! 

Plus, it's Kleenex!

So chica!

See that white strip in the center? It's tape to make pulling out sheets very convenient. I believe Clean & Clear has this feature too?

One sheet at a time

Lovely, lovely, lovely

You use the plain side to blot. Just pat gently and it will absorb the oil really fast. I was very impressed with this product. I tried it on my damp face last night and it didn't disintegrate like other cheap brands. It retained its shape and it only absorbed the very little oil that was left on my face. I'm not really sure if it absorbed the water too because my face and neck were still damp after using this. So I guess that's a good thing right?

It really lived up to its claim on being the new generation oil blotter and it really does absorb 2x more oil than other oil control films! That's Kleenex, alright! I also like that they really thought about the packaging. It's very pretty and you wouldn't be dyahe to pull this out in public. Kudos to Kleenex for putting the extra effort of designing the oil control film itself. That's a very nice touch and it makes me feel very special that these people made something so trite look so pretty and soshal.

I tried to photograph it with the oil on just to show you how effective it is but it wouldn't show in the picture. By the way, the shade is a nice lavender and the box is pastel, very dainty. The box is just cardboard so you might want to make sure it doesn't get squished in your makeup kit. 

Do you want to know the best part? It's only Php89.75 for a box of 50. Oh, yes! I'm going to hoard!

Dear Kleenex, please produce other fabulous colors and designs! 


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing, I use blotting films as well and I've managed to stick to Gatsby (black film) for the longest time. But this is something new to check out and try.

  2. Yes, do check it out because it's really worth it!

  3. I bought one na! hehe, thanks for sharing this post. ^_^



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