Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marionnaud N32

How was your long weekend ladies? I know I've been out for 3 days but that's because I made a promise to myself that I will rest and no distractions whatsoever can ruin that schedule. I was able to rest because I had an attack and got my period! So much for enjoying the long weekend. But I'm still thankful that I was able to take afternoon naps which I love and which are a must if you have an autoimmune disease like mine. 

So anyway, I got another brush to add to my humble collection and it's the Marionnaud N32 angled brush.

I like the case because it's reusable and it's big enough to put other stuff in it when travelling. I can put my other brushes or lippies in it and I know they will be safe.

What I don't like is that plastic that's supposed to protect the brush itself. The darn thing stuck to the brush like glue! I had to rip it off because it wouldn't really budge. So that's sayang. I threw it away after because it was already useless.

Oh, I forgot to take a close up of the brush. = ) Silly me. I'll post one tonight.

The brush is made of synthetic fibers and made in China. I know, right? Marionnaud is a Paris brand and this brush was from China. Isn't there something that's not made in China? Well, I'd have to say, even with the stigma that comes with it, this brush was pretty good. 

The bristles are very soft, not scratchy at all. It doesn't shed but boy, it bleeds a lot! The first time I washed this before using, it stained my Aquazorb towel. Now the stain is permanent, couldn't get it out. But after a few washes, the bleeding diminished.

I use this brush for contouring and highlighting using my ELF bronzer and highlighter. I can say that this is a very good brush for P169.75. I got this at Beauty by SM but I'm sure you can get it at Marionnaud MOA if you're in the area. There are other brushes in this line which I would like to try. I will write a review as soon as I get my hands on them. These brushes run out fast and so if you have extra money with you and are in need of good brushes, I suggest you buy as many as you need in one go.  


  1. Thanks for writing this review. :3 I think I have most if not all their brushes but haven't tested them long enough to write a review.

    I actually cut the dang plastic LOL! And yes, the brush bleeds. >.< That gave me a scare. Good thing it never stained my face or else I would have ranted about it and complained.

  2. Hi sugar! Come to think of it, I never thought that it might stain my face! Thank you for that tip. I will never use these brushes for wet applications! = )

  3. I had a brush which stained my face that's why I've become aware of it. LOL! :)

    I usually wash my brushes every other day. I soaked it then drenched it with water when it bled and I didn't stop doing that till it stopped staining the paper towel. :)

    What's weird is the other brushes from Marionnaud didn't bleed upon initial washing. Only this and the powder brush did. ^_^

  4. Disaster averted!

    I'm too scared to do that to my brushes. I only own a few and I try to be very careful when I deep cleanse them. Now I really want to buy all the Marionnaud brushes!

    By the way, I like your blog sugar! I've been reading it since I got your comment here. Will send you a message later.

  5. I have a brush cleaner from Ellana but for deep cleansing I suggest you look for Michelle Phan's video on youtube on how to clean brushes. :3 I also recommended that video to some MUAs and friends. Thank you for reading my random musings. I also enjoy reading your blog. I should get more reviews up this week. x)

    I replied on your colorburst question on my blog. :3 Thanks again!

  6. Thanks for that video! I also use the brush cleaner from Ellana for everyday cleansing. Michelle and I pretty much do the same thing except for the EVOO part and the brush guards. Would you know if brush guards are now available locally?



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