Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girls, I Need Help!

I've been trying to take photos of my EOTD for the past few days and my camera doesn't cooperate. What's the setting that you use to take eye makeup photos? My camera is a simple Canon point and shoot but it has the creative settings as well. I tried to take photos without flash, on macro but the colors were too light. I tried again with flash and the colors were better but it still looked very light. It couldn't capture the shading, blending, etc. I know you ladies take fab photos of yourselves so I'd appreciate your help. Thanks!


  1. Try taking pictures in natural lighting. I think those still produce the best photos unless you have strobe lights. >o<" or whatever those cameras in studios are called.

  2. Thanks sugar! I feel the same way but it's still not happening for me. = ) I tried that na rin to no avail. Maybe I'll tinker with the settings more later.

  3. i have the same problem with you :(
    but i'm too afraid to change anything bout the settings...


  4. Don't worry Rhian! I'll figure it out and then I'll tell you how.



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