Friday, June 18, 2010


What can you get for 995 pesos? This:

I'm not familiar with the Youngblood brand. Youngblood reminds me of the local book series and gives me images of vampires. It's the blood thing, I guess. I'm not into mineral makeup that much because it's too messy to keep/apply unless I press them. But that also involves too much work. This makeup brand says that it's mineral. I don't think so. Just look at the ingredients at the back of the box. 

This palette is called Romanticism and comes with 3 lippies, 3 eye shadows and 2 blushers. The other palette is called Expressionism and I don't think that's available here. 

Here are the photos. Most of them were taken with flash.


eye shadows


and the swatches

You can easily distinguish which is which in the swatches. The lippies are on the right, the eye shadows in the middle and the blush on the left.

It comes in a silver case that is hard to pry open. Seriously, even the SA's had a hard time opening the first palette. I say pry because that's what the SA's did.  I told them to just get another one because they might accidentally ruin the makeup and that's going to be a salary deduction right? The palette that I got is better. There's a trick to opening the palette which I will show you in my next post. 

I'm using the colors from the palette today and so far I've had no allergic reactions to all the makeup. There's no funny smell either. Weird smelling makeup turns me off so bad. I'm surprised that the lipstick is holding up so far even though I put lip balm over it. Pigmentation is okay for 995 pesos. The colors are really light so if you're the kind of girl who likes colorful makeup, this might not be for you. This is great for an everyday office look though or if you're a college girl aiming for that no-makeup-makeup-look. 

This palette costs approximately Php1288 over the internet so this is definitely a steal here. At Beauty Bar, they say that this is a Php4,500 value. Sorry, Beauty Bar. I do my research first. I know that some items in Beauty Bar are overpriced. Don't you just hate false advertising? 

Anyway, I recommend this palette for all you neutral loving gals out there. Have you tried other Youngblood products lately?  


  1. I saw this when I went to the Beauty Bar in Shangrilla last Monday. The shadows in the pallete were somewhat similar to the ones in my smashbox pallete. :3 I also think it's a steal at 995php since youngblood are rather expensive.

    I remember getting a foundie and a finishing powder from youngblood a couple of years ago and it broke me out. But that's just me. Maybe it'll work well for other ladies. That's why even if this is a must have and affordable I still wouldn't buy because I'm scared to try it again.

  2. Whoa! Thanks for the heads up! This didn't give me rashes but my uber acidic skin reacted to it this morning. My face looked darker. I think the combination of sun, oil and acidic skin does that. I just retouched an hour ago and I'll see if my skin will react the same.

  3. Awwww... I hope it doesn't break you out. >.< I don't think it's supposed to make your face darker. That's really weird. O.o

  4. Youngblood is quite an expensive brand in Beauty Bar :D having all those products in a palette is amazing :D

    it's mineral too, i think. or they have a mineral make up line... i'm not sure :D

  5. They say it's mineral but it's not. It has paraben and the like.



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