Monday, June 21, 2010

Youngblood Part Deux

As promised, here's how I open my Youngblood palette:

Thank you, MB!

Hold the palette on its sides then secure each of the top sides with your thumbs. The palette is on the bed in the picture that's why MB's hands are like that but when you're just holding the palette with your hands, your other 8 fingers should support the base. 

Then carefully and gently pull sideways:

It works every time. Even MB had a hard time opening this palette before I taught him how. That's the only thing I hate about this palette. Do manufacturers even test these things out before releasing to the market? And they should test these on girls first not on the men in the company.

Here's a look that I made with the Youngblood Artiste Palette:

I used all 3 colors - lightest as base, medium for the crease and the darkest for the other V. As you can see, the colors are really very sheer, very light. I already put several layers for the camera to be able to capture the colors but it still looks very light. The palette is definitely for a conservative, everyday look.

I had to retouch come lunch time as the colors aren't that visible anymore. Thank God my eyes didn't get allergic to this otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with the palette. 

Read Part 1 for more.

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