Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Celeteque Skin Club

So I did my usual 'Beauty Shopping' last weekend at SM. I'm running out of my Celeteque facial wash so I got one. There was a sticker on the box advertising the Celeteque Skin Club. It also says to ask their consultants about it. So I returned the box and decided to go directly to Celeteque's stand where the consultant is.

When I got there, the consultant was busy chatting with the cashier and her checker. It seems they've had a bit of a problem with a customer. The conversation was getting long and didn't show signs of ending so I had to say excuse me to talk to the consultant. I don't have all day for Celeteque whereas they have the whole day until closing to chat about the incident.

The consultant wasn't what I expected. She was not very articulate. She kept saying 'ano' (translation: what. much like how foreigners say uhm mid-sentence when thinking. Filipinos say ano when they can't find the right words.) The Pond's ladies are better. It's a shame I don't use Pond's anymore.

I asked her what the Celeteque Skin Club was all about. Now, I will translate the following conversation in English for easier and better understanding but this conversation happened in Filipino.

Me: What's the Celeteque Skin Club all about?
C: Ma'am ano, here's our card.
Me: Waiting for more response.

She answered me that twice when I asked her about the club twice. She even got annoyed that I didn't get it the first time she said here's our card.

Me: So what does the card do? What are the benefits? Why should I join your club?
C: Ma'am you have to purchase another one first.
Me: What? Tell me first what the club is all about.
C: You will get a special gift.
Me: (Frustrated at this point.) Okay, so how do I join?
C: Just purchase any Celeteque product and I'll give you the card. But Ma'am, you can't use it today because we had a customer who used the card today, the same time she joined the club so the management decided to 'van' it for a while. You can only use this on your second purchase.
Me: (images of a pink van inside my head and people chucking Celeteque products inside) Then I thought, oh, ban. As in management is banning/stopping the promotion for a while. Sheeesh....

The conversation was quite confusing so at this point I just asked her if I can see the card's case and read the contents for myself. This is what it says, summarized:

  • You get 10% off for a minimum purchase of Php200 on a single receipt of any Celeteque products at any Watsons or Beauty by SM
  • Get exclusive member freebies in 25 selected Watsons/Beauty outlets every weekend. Present the card to the Celeteque Brand Consultant and ask for the Celeteque Member Perk of the Month
  • Get a FREE special Celeteque Gift set for every Php2,000 worth of Celeteque products from accummulated Watsons receipt dated April to December 2010.
Then you get a list of participating Watsons and Beauty by SM branches.

The card is nice though. It's sturdy enough. I just don't understand why the consultant wrote the 'bar code' at the back, in the space where you sign your signature when there's already a bar code in front. What's up with that?

Oh, here's the freebie:

It's a foldable shopping bag that folds out into this:

Obviously, the person who designed this isn't doing much shopping. This bag is practically useless. I doubt that it can carry products heavier than Celeteque. Also, if you're just buying Celeteque, you can only fit a few products here. But seriously, when you do your cosmetics/makeup/skin care shopping, do you only purchase one product? I know I don't. You always have to get an extra pack of facial tissues, some cotton, some wipes and what have you. I've been to a lot of expos and conferences and have been given shopping bags as giveaways by smaller companies but they were very useful and were made of durable material. I doubt this one will last. And I don't think Celeteque is a small/poor company either, what with the prices of their products.

And what's up with the locks hanging out like that? That could cause some serious trouble i.e. rips, snags, etc.

And look at this awkward shape/form:

That's how it looks like when you open it. If you're going to put a large object inside, you'd have to ask somebody else to hold the bag open for you so that you can place the said object. 

I believe the main purpose of this bag is for recall and for the person carrying it to be a walking advertisement of some sort. But there is no recall if the product is like this. I definitely wouldn't bring this to my shopping trips even though it's small and convenient to pop in my bag. I'd rather use my National Bookstore bag. It's roomy and good looking.

I can't even take this bag to the market as it might rip. So now Celeteque, here's some unsolicited advise because I really love your products.

First, replace your Beauty Consultant at Beauty by SM Makati. She's annoying and she's somewhat of a snob. She can't relay and explain your message clearly. She's just everywhere. I say that because she was literally everywhere, going this and that way and looking here and there while talking to me. You need someone who has good diction and a fair grasp of the English language. Remember the 'van' thing? She might say some things that are not appropriate because of her pronunciation. Believe me, I've encountered people like this and it can be quite embarrassing. 

Second, think about your freebies. Honestly, I don't know how a shopping bag relates to facial skin care. I just don't see the connection other than one shops for a facial wash. It would have been better had you given away a facial sponge or some special edition Celeteque facial cotton. Now that would have been very useful. Yes, I understand that you want a lasting product, but do you also want a product that's not useful?

Celeteque is a blessing to my sensitive skin and I'm grateful to the people behind it but please, think hard about how you're going to do a promotion next time. You can always ask us, the people who know your products, for suggestions. I for one would be happy if you'd ask me. 

All in all, I'm happy to be a part of the Celeteque Skin Club. I just hope the freebies are better next time. 

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