Friday, June 25, 2010

Sample: Eskinol Ageless Night Cream

I just finished this sachet last night after several weeks of usage. It worked really great on the first 3 days of use on my face but I broke out into a rash on the 4th day so I stopped. I used the cream on the parts of my skin with stretch marks instead. This product is quite impressive! It made my skin taut, firm, making the stretch marks less visible. It didn't make me itch nor did it give me rashes on those parts. Just be sure to apply every night, religiously for optimum results.

The cream is light, non-greasy and gets absorbed easily by the skin.

This sachet costs Php20 and Eskinol also has a day cream counterpart. I will not buy this again because I'm fairly satisfied with my Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil. If you don't like the feeling of oil, the Eskinol Ageless night cream is a good alternative. 

If you're not allergic to Eskinol and would like to get rid of fine lines, you can try this product or suggest it to your moms. I don't know how much the full sized bottle costs. I didn't bother because I was just trying this out. You shouldn't clutter your brain with information that is readily available. I learned that from one of the greatest minds in history - Albert Einstein. = ) 

So anyway, do tell me how the Eskinol Ageless Creams work out for you. Happy weekend ladies!


  1. I bought one, will let you know if it works for me

  2. Where i can buy this night cream eskinol?

  3. Where i can buy this night cream eskinol?

  4. Where i can buy this night cream eskinol?



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