Monday, June 28, 2010

5 Products Under Php200 That Will Change Your Life Right Now!

I love bargains but I make sure that the products I buy are of excellent quality. I don't just buy because something is cheap or affordable. I always strive to make an intelligent purchase. Take these 5 products under 200 pesos that changed my life in an instant.

First, the Kleenex Oil Control Film
Price: Php89.75
Where to buy: The Landmark Makati

My face is not oily but there are times when I need to get rid of some excess oil. This product did wonders for my skin. Because it absorbs all the oil on my face, my makeup stays on longer. I look fairer longer. We all know that when you have too much oil on your face, you look darker. You only need to pat gently to absorb the oil. You can read my review here.

Second, Nature's Gate Biotin Strengthening Shampoo
Price: Php195
Where to buy: Healthy Options

Because of stress, illness and meds, my hair became weak. I used to have falling hair until I discovered Human Heart Nature's Strengthening Shampoo. It worked really well. I had no problems with it. One 500 mL bottle costs P249.75. Not bad but this shampoo by Nature's Gate works just as well but at a more affordable price. As you can see, it's 532 mL but it's only P195. I use a lesser amount on my hair to clean it. One downside of this shampoo is my hair tends to be all tangled up after washing. You need to apply conditioner when you use this. I only shampoo at night and I don't use conditioner. After some time, I think my hair got used to this and there are now less tangles. The Nature's Gate Biotin Strengthening Shampoo smells a bit minty but there's something there that I can't put my finger on. Smell this product first to make sure that you don't get turned off by the scent if you're planning to try it. Don't worry, the smell is tolerable. My hair actually smells nice after I take a bath. The best thing about this is, instant results. I immediately saw results on my first day and it kept on improving on the following days. It's like 5 to 0 hair fall in 3 days!

Third, L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Replenishing Mask
Price: Php19 (or Php29)
Where to buy: Beauty by SM

Who's all out for instant gratification when it comes to your hair? I know I am. I want instant results! My hair felt softer, smoother and shinier after using the L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Hair Mask. It works just like the other L'oreal Hair Treatments. Leave it on for a minute or two, rinse well then see and feel the results. It didn't give me allergies or rashes. Price is very affordable too. If you're satisfied with the sachet, you can purchase the tub for around Php200, I think.

Fourth, another hair product. Nature's Gate Henna Shine Enhancing Conditioner
Price: Php195
Where to buy: Healthy Options

My hair is a beautiful deep black. I haven't colored it...ever. I like it that way. My boyfriend agrees too. I used to have henna treatments whenever my hair became dull. I stopped because the salon I trusted to do that changed management and they just don't do things the same way anymore. I also became very busy so no more time for that. I was so happy when I found the Nature''s Gate Henna Shine Enhancing Conditioner at Healthy Options. I have uber sensitive skin and scalp so I gamely tried this. I used the Sunsilk Conditioner for Curly Hair before but it always gave me map-like rashes after bathing.

I'm so happy that not only did this conditioner worked well with my sensitive skin and scalp, it also didn't ruin my curls! I think my curls actually look better now than when I was using Sunsilk. My hair is also back to its original deep shiny black color. I really looove this conditioner. It smells great too. It's quite harder to rinse out than Sunsilk so you'd have to spend more time with your hair in the shower but it's definitely worth it. 

On the left side is the conditioner for color treated hair. I gave this as a gift to my dear friend Madam Butterfly for her birthday and I'll ask her after about a week for her opinion. 

Fifth, Colgate Plax Sensitive Mouthwash 
Price: Php170
Where to Buy: Watsons, The Landmark Supermarket

Among all the products I mentioned here, this one changed my life the most. I have sensitive teeth and gums. My gums bleed every time I brush that's why I switched to an electric toothbrush. But I only use this type of toothbrush at home. I use a regular toothbrush when I'm in the office. So everyday, after lunch, my gums would bleed. Sometimes when I'm in deep thought and I suck on a tooth or push my tongue on a tooth, I bleed. That's how sensitive my gums are. I tried Colgate Plax Sensitive Mouthwash because I needed help. Sure, there's Sensodyne but it's too expensive and I just don't like it. 

I used this after brushing on day one and on day two, no more bleeding! Seriously, there was no blood whatsoever on the sink! I tried to brush harder on the third day but still no blood. I stopped using this for about a week because of a sore throat. I used Swish everyday for a week and the bleeding came back. Switched again to Colgate Plax on a Monday and no more bleeding on Tuesday. Isn't that amazing? And I only use this once a day! I bought the toothpaste version of this as well a few weeks ago and I have very high expectations. I'll feature it soon. I haven't tried it yet. 

So those are the 5 products that changed my life in an instant. How about you? What are the 5 products that changed your life? Share! 


  1. Since I saw your review, I've been looking for those Kleenex Oil control film but couldn't get any in Watson's. :(

  2. Hay naku sugar! I looked for it last Sunday at Landmark Makati and it was all gone! Out of stock na!

  3. Hi! I left a comment yesterday but I guess it didn't get thru. Wanted to say that I love L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Replenishing Mask - such a good move that there are sachets now :) The other variants are available as well :)



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