Thursday, December 31, 2009

Human Heart Nature Strengthening Shampoo and Body Wash

According to the label, the pearl powder helps make your hair stronger thus reducing hair fall. Ever since I used Sunsilk's shampoo for curly hair, I've been experiencing a lot of hair fall. But I don't have a choice since all the other shampoos that I tried gave me allergies. I had the least spots and rashes with Sunsilk.

Don't expect this shampoo to be bubbly. It's not. It's like putting shampoo that doesn't get sudsy. Like you're just putting on treatment creams. But it works! The peppermint did not make my scalp itch. And after bathing, I checked my decolletage for the warning signs of bumps and rashes and there were only 2 small ones. I didn't scratch like crazy last night which is quite a relief! With Sunsilk, my whole chest area erupts into rashes and becomes really red and itchy. Didn't get that last night!

I love the subtle smell of peppermint when my hair dried. I also like the fact that this is easy to rinse. The bottle says to only put a small amount but I have long, curly hair and I needed more than the recommended size. So I guess this will be quite expensive. But I don't really care. I'm ordering another bottle before the week ends.  As for the hair fall, I still had some on my wide toothed comb but I'd like to think that it's less. I'm hopeful. It can also be used as a body wash. I think I won't do that as I find it weird to use the same product on my hair and body. Plus you can't get a good lather with this so I'm sticking to my Johnson's Body Wash until I try out their other body washes.

Migraine Boy also used the shampoo. His scalp is too darn sensitive too. It itches when he doesn't use anti-dandruff shampoos. I asked him last night and he said that he liked the smell. As for the itching? He said to wait till morning. Well I asked him just now and he said he doesn't feel any itch. So we're probably switching to this shampoo from now on. Yay! I'll be buying the bigger bottle next time.

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