Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ever Bilena Quad Eye Shadow

I'm actually quite impressed that Ever Bilena and other local brands are starting to seriously think about their packaging. You'd easily know if someone's using a local brand just by the packaging. Most look cheap. The first thing that attracted me to this product is the packaging. The eye shadows are encased in this sleek matte black case with a plastic covered window to allow the shades to peek through. I also like the fact that Ever Bilena only printed their initials, EB, on the cover.

This is the sea coral set. The two shadows on the right side are supposed to be shades of peach and brown but they look too orangey on my skin. I guess it's just really me. If you have acidic skin, I suggest putting just a little bit of these colors on and blend, blend, blend. As you can see, the eye shadows have big glitters on them making them sparkle on your skin. This works for nighttime looks but I also use them during the day because most of the glitters are gone when I get to the office so I'm left with just a little bit of sparkle to make my eyes pop out.

Unlike the Maybelline set, you'd need to reapply this throughout the day. I also like the Maybelline applicators better than the one included in this set. When I apply this makeup, I use my other brushes. I only use the one provided here when I'm in the office. This product boasts of UVA/UVB Protection and Vitamin E to keep skin protected from dryness and sun damage. I can't remember exactly how much this product costs but it's definitely in the range of 199-299 pesos. I got this at Watson's Greenbelt 1. And oh, for those with sensitive skin, I'd think twice before buying this product. I sometimes end up with rashes on my eyelids a few minutes after application and when my eyebrows are newly shaved. The Maybelline set does not make me itch even when I apply it right after shaving.

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