Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maybelline WaterShine Pure Lipstick

I love this lipstick! There, I've said it. It doesn't make my lips dry unlike the first Maybelline lipstick that I bought. It gives my lips a nice shade of pink. It blends nicely with my natural shade. After two hours, it doesn't look like I'm wearing lipstick unless you zero in on my lips for a closer inspection. That's how natural it looks. It also lasts for more than 4 hours just as long as you avoid licking/wetting your lips. The shade is P24. I have sensitive skin and I don't get any allergies from this so I guess it's safe to try. I also like the metallic light blue packaging - not too bulky, not too small plus it looks great with my other makeup. Kinda like I bought them all from the same brand.

Will I repurchase? De-fi-nite-ly! I got this on sale for P199. Original price is P249, I think. From Watson's, of course.

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