Thursday, January 21, 2010

At Last! My First Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush might be common in 1st world and western countries but here in the Philippines, it's considered somewhat a luxury because of their steep prices. I've always wanted one but considering the price of refills, I'd always turn my back and buy a loaf of bread and mayo instead. Until one day, I found this at Beauty by SM.

When Beauty by SM was only a few weeks old, all the stocks they had were the Oral-B expensive ones. They cost from P5,000-P10,000. This, however, costs only P254. The brand is Watsons. Oh, how I love Watsons!

Buying this toothbrush was not out of laziness or luxury. Actually, for a person with polymyositis, it's considered a necessity. Doctors advise patients to be ready for this debilitating disease. Doctors say that patients with the illness might not be able to comb their hair or brush their teeth in the long run. I'm not getting ready for that, trust me. You see, I have very sensitive gums. And the vibrating motion of an electric toothbrush helps massage my gums thus lessening bleeding. It's true! I've been using this toothbrush for almost a month now and my gums hardly bleed when I use a regular toothbrush at work.

Some other benefits of an electric toothbrush include:

  • Dentist-like cleaning - After using an ET, you will always get that feeling
  • Great at removing stains - especially when you use this with a whitening toothpaste
  • Fresher breath - because it gets to those hard-to-reach areas and cleans in-between teeth more effectively
  • Teeth and gum protection - you don't have to brush as hard when you use a manual toothbrush. There is less strain on your gums and your enamel stays intact.
I don't have any point of comparison but this ET works for me. It's not too heavy, it cleans teeth well and it only uses 2AA batteries. I only have to go through my whole mouth twice to get a good clean. That's time saving for you! 

Plus the refills only cost P199:

Hopefully this will last a long time. It's really great that Watsons can produce products like these at a fraction of the cost of branded ones. Some years ago, we also bought a digital thermometer from Watsons which costs P100 and it's still functioning well today. 

This is also available at Watsons Greenbelt. 

What's your take on electric toothbrushes?


  1. lucky you :)) i have one from US its CREST Spinbrush,,but i dont have any brush refills because i can only buy it in US.. maybe i'll by that one tomorrow,, very nice blog :)) it helps now coz now im so very sad that my headbrush was stuck in the sink... need to have one :))

  2. glad i could be of help carmz! thanks for visiting! i also bought one of these for my sister.

  3. Watsons ET is good for about 200 brushes. Cheap but you must replace it every 3 months. The spare heads are virtually useless if you're the only one using the ET.

  4. Hi Chi! After more than a year of using this, I agree that it's good for a few brushes only. I replace the head every 2-3 months. But the thing is, I couldn't find a replacement. If, say, an Oral-B ET comes up, there are no refills available. Pffft... Have you tried anything else?

  5. I thought for a long time before buying my first electric toothbrush and now I am addicted. It is much more fun than the old manual brush!!!

  6. @Best Electric Toothbrush 2011: What brand are you using?



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