Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Christmas Loot

My Christmas loot was absolutely crazy! I got lotions and lotions and lotions! Well, not all lotions. I got different goodies from The Body Shop courtesy of my best friend Diosa.

This is the first of the lot, given by Ms. P from the office. Thanks Ms. P! Angel Food Cake Shower Gel from Simple Pleasures Rustan's.

Next is this Hope Winter Frost Lotion also from Simple Pleasures Rustan's. This was given to me by my other BFF,C. He's a guy by the way.

Bath and Body Works Freshwater Cucumber Body Lotion from my sister

And this really fabulous pamper basket from Diosa which I haven't opened until now! How could I? It just looks too cute. It's just displayed on my dresser.

With all these goodies, you know what that means right? Reviews galore!

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