Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Simple Pleasures Winter Frost Hope Lotion

If you don't like thick lotions, stay away from this product. It's very thick. I think it's because it's a winter lotion? Or probably it's just a theme.

Anyway, my skin gets uber dry during the 'ber' months especially December. I normally use Jergen's Ultra Healing Lotion on my legs during this time. My problem with that is, it's too sticky. I really don't like that but I have to use it to keep my legs safe. My legs become itchy when they're dry. And I try so hard not to scratch. I have the same skin on the legs as my uncle's. But his condition is much worse. He gets very dry legs all year long to the point that it gets wounds because of too much scratching. I on the other hand, am like a snake. I literally shed skin all over. And the dry skin that gets shed off are big flakes. But after the cold has passed, I'm left with really soft and smooth skin. So it's not really bad after all. And maybe that's the reason why I have this fascination for lotions and body butters.

When using this lotion, just dispense a small amount first. You can add more later. Because it's very thick, you have to rub it in a few times. My morning ritual actually takes long because of this lotion. I only use this on the lower portion of my legs and the top of my feet. I use a different lotion from the knees up because I really don't like the heavy feeling that I get from it. It's also great if you have dry hands. Don't worry, once it's absorbed by the skin, it's not greasy at all. If your office is like the North Pole, you may want to reapply after a few hours. I notice that when we I go home, my skin is dry again.

The smell is also nice. Very light, reminds me of baby powder. I checked the label and it says the fragrance used was perfume. But it didn't indicate exactly what.

One big tube costs P349.75 at Rustan's but I think it's on sale now.

Will I buy another one? (This was a gift). Probably not. This will last me a year!

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