Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maybelline Water Shine Collagen Shimmer Lipstick

To continue this very late post, here's the second lipstick I bought from the Maybelline sale at Watson's Greenbelt last year. Oh my, last year sounds too distant.

Anyway, this is Maybelline Water Shine Collagen Shimmer Lipstick. Aside from being a mouthful, it actually makes your mouth (lips) pretty. Like the other water shine lipstick, this lasts a long time, about 5 hours give or take. You don't need to reapply every now and then unlike with the other brands. Just be sure that you ditch the habit of licking your lips. Me, I take a sip of water every now and then so my lipstick just goes to my tumbler. And even with that, I still have some left by 12 pm.

It contains collagen. Isn't that supposed to give you Angelina lips? I don't really notice a difference or even an illusion but I still like this lipstick. I bought it for the color and the cute packaging. 

I really like the packaging of this lipstick. It reminds me of a penlight. Or a really fancy cigarette(!). I like the metallic purple color. It just looks so sosyal in an evening bag. Because it's so slim and sexy, I've decided to coordinate my other makeup with this. My other makeup have to be slim and sexy too to fit inside my tiny kikay kit.

I like the subtle shimmer it gives my lips. It's not in your face sparkly like Edward Cullen. Harhar! It doesn't dry my lips and does not give me allergies so it's a green light for girls with sensitive skin. This shade is BP21.

The original price is P399 (I think) and I got it for P249. Don't ask if I'll repurchase. Duh! = )

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