Tuesday, January 12, 2010


More inspiration...

I am drawn to paintings of women. I look at the eyes, the expression and the feeling that the paintings exude. From time to time, when my mind is blank and it's hard for me to write, I look at the first few paintings. When I need to be creative to develop a concept or create jewelry, I look at the other group of paintings by Andrew Atroshenko.

I like pinup and 60's style paintings. I love the fashion in that world. I like how the people looked back then. That's why I was drawn to these works by Edwin Georgi. I love the way he captured emotion in those eyes.

For the Atroshenko paintings, I like the sadness and the sensuality that he was able to capture. Like the women are in control of everything. For paintings with men on them, I look for sadness in the eyes or sad looking eyes. Even in anime, I look for the guy who has sad eyes. I have absolutely no idea why sadness inspires me.

What inspires you?

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