Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm a sucker for catalogues, magalogues, lookbooks and now:

Beauty Bar Storybook

It has all the well-known brands that Beauty Bar carries such as


The balm


It also features Philosophy, Youngblood and other up and coming brands. I really like this storybook as it includes the price. It's really frustrating when you see something that you like in a catalog only to find out later in the store that you can't afford it. 

I've noticed something with the SA's at Beauty Bar Greenbelt. I don't know if you've experienced this too. Every time I go there to buy small things (think cheap) the SA's just ignore me or don't even look at me. They will just punch the price, bag the purchases and hand it to me. Sometimes they're even nakasimangot  or even annoyed when I interrupt their chismisan for a P150 purchase. But when I buy something expensive, like the Youngblood palette, they were like, "Ay ma'am, kukunin nyo na po? Ako na po ma'am. Dito po tayo sa counter." Prior to that, I asked the SA where the palettes were. She got annoyed with that look on her face that says "can't you see, it's at the entrance". Then when I told her, yes, I know that's why I'm getting one palette, she was immediately all smiles and said the above. When I asked her to change the palette, no simangot whatsoever. Sometimes when I buy they would ask me if they would still wrap my purchases when they can clearly see that I don't have an eco tote with me (I sometimes forget to bring one). Hay, kaloka!

Do you have any experiences like this?

The girl on the cover reminds me of Jing. So pretty!


  1. Sad but true... Most SAs are tamad! But believe me having a hyper active SA who shoves everything under your nose so she can make you buy is as equally irritating. LOL!

    Oh... And I never pick up those magazine, catalogs and whatnots because chances are I'd be itching to get everything I'd see on those. LOL!

  2. That's absolutely true! And what if you're on a budget? I also hate it when SA's follow me around then fix everything I lay my hands on.

    Actually, this storybook makes me want to put tags on the items I want to buy. Haha! But most of the time, they help me keep track of my purchases. I can schedule and budget wisely.



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