Monday, May 17, 2010

Cheap Chica Find: National Bookstore Eco Tote

Yes, I know this is a re-issue but I what I like about this is the metal/velcro clasp so you can fold up the tote and put inside your weekend bag for convenience. I have a lot of eco totes but most of the time I forget to bring them because they're too bulky. They don't fold up nicely. I have to secure them with a band or something. Most of the time I just fold them and either put them in MB's bag or just hold them until I make a purchase. But I hate holding stuff when I'm walking. So this bag is really a blessing for me and for the environment. I found this when my cousins and I had a mall date. I wandered around G5 while R was having her hair done at Ricky Reyes. I found this really cheap bag and of course, bought it and filled it with stuff while waiting. = )

I just had a problem when I bought this. We had to go through about 10 bags to get the perfect one. The first time, I had it changed because the straps were not sewn on properly. When C and I were in the escalator, I noticed that the metal was almost falling off because there was a tear in the fabric so I went back to National to have it changed. Around 8 more bags later, I finally found the perfect bag. The quality of the other bags was just bad. Loose threads, tears, dirty, etc. Even the sales attendants were frustrated and somewhat embarrassed. They promised that they would report it to the higher ups. I hope the quality has improved because I'm planning to buy another one as it's just so useful. 

Here's what it looks like when folded:

It's flat and light and can easily fit into my bag. I love using this when buying stuff at Watsons. I like seeing all my cosmetics and makeup inside this red bag. Even MB likes carrying this bag - on his shoulder! He doesn't really mind even if it's filled with makeup. He's sweet like that. Or maybe he just doesn't have a choice (evil grin).

It costs P65 and you get a P1 rebate every time you use this bag for a P100 purchase instead of their plastic. I know one peso isn't a lot but think about it. If you buy from National every week (magazines, books, etc), that adds up. Plus, you're helping the environment tenfold. This is getting to be quite useful because I'm supporting this project called Project Nehemiah where we're collecting school supplies to donate to students in an elementary school in Nueva Ecija. These are farmers' kids and most of them were victims of typhoon Ondoy. The kids who were able to enroll are lucky. Their moms and dads rely on the harvest to bring in money so you can just imagine the tragedy that some families have gone through. 

Anyway, to inspire you a bit more, 3 pencils cost P9. If I buy from National 9 times, then the rebate buys me another set of pencils which helps 3 students to be able to write. Please tell me you're inspired. This project is ongoing until December so I'm getting enough mileage out of this bag. The rebate is not forever though.

If you're interested in helping Project Nehemiah, leave a comment here or on the CBOX on the right. We need notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, paper and any school supplies that grade school kids use. 

Saving the environment and helping kids reach their dreams is always chica in my book.

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