Friday, May 14, 2010

Tea Time For Your Face

I'm very loyal to Celeteque Facial Wash but it's too gentle to remove dirt and makeup, in my opinion. While checking out the products at Etude House in SM Makati, Ellen, the nice manager of Etude House Mega was there and recognized me as a customer in the Megamall branch. We talked a little and she recommended their facial wash, the peach variant to be exact. She said that was a best seller as it has instant whitening effects. I really don't care much for whitening products. I use them just to even out my skin tone at times when I'm exposed too much to the sun. I promised her I would try the facial wash soon. 

A week after I came back but the peach facial wash was out of stock. So I bought the Happy Tea Time Milk Tea Cleansing Foam instead since the makeup remover in the same variant works really well. 

This cleansing foam smells like the makeup remover, like a light baby powder. The texture is like that of Pond's but the product comes out of the tube more defined. It doesn't land on your hands like a blob. It retains the shape of the hole so it comes out like a tiny log. It doesn't look like soap on your face, more like a mask or cream. You can easily rinse this off. It doesn't give me allergies or itchiness but if I use this too much, I do get rashes but only a couple. I accidentally used this one morning and my face broke out into rashes. I use this only at night after removing my makeup to make sure that all the residual makeup and dirt are washed off. I can use any of my moisturizers with this product. I still use Celeteque in the morning for a gentle wash and when I don't apply makeup like during the weekend.

You only need a little of the product to thoroughly wash your face. Even MB likes this. He has no complaints. The cleansing foam will leave your face feeling smooth and a bit tight. One tube costs only P148, cheaper than most brands of facial wash. This will last you a long time so it's definitely a good buy. I will try the peach variant when this runs out.    

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