Monday, May 3, 2010

Cheap Chica Find: Cute (Anna Sui-ish) Compact Mirror

Isn't that so Ana Sui or Etude House? I've been putting off buying a compact mirror for so long. My cheap alter ego keeps thinking that I don't need one because I already have my compact powder mirror. But you know, I can sometimes be really cheap as I don't throw out my powder compact when I reach pan. I have to use up all the foundation or until the foundation crumbles. That can pose quite a problem when I open the compact in a public place, right? 

This was a lucky purchase. I bought it the same time I bought my cute shades



Sorry for the pic. Blogger is giving me problems. It doesn't want to load my picture horizontally.

This costs only P20 at Cindy Carol! They usually run out but today they have stocks at Cindy Carol Glorietta. So go, go, go!


  1. ganda naman nito mirror. im always wanting to buy mirrors pero most of the time i think it's too expensive.. this one's perfect. i just dont have cindy carols near my side of the world.probinsyana attack:)

  2. sad to say, this mirror broke na and I'm using the mirror from Beabi na.



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