Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cheap Chica Find: Cindy Carol Sunglasses

Because I'm too cheap to buy sunglasses, I suffered when we went to Iligan. The heat and light were unbearable. I'm photo sensitive. I can't see beyond 2 feet when the sun is up and shining so bright. I need to hold on to someone to be able to walk properly and cross the street! 

Believe it or not, I still think twice about buying a 300-peso pair of shades. Yeah, I know. Kuripot. So imagine my surprise when my cousins showed me their shades and told me the price - 50 wonderful pesos! 

Lookie here:

See the nice braids? I like!

Here's an inside look:

I love these shades. Because of this pair I am now on the lookout for more styles! I use this everyday when going to work. MB also bought a pair which I really love (and plan on stealing). His pair costs more, around P300 at SM. 

This fits nicely and does its job. You can buy this at Cindy Carol Glorietta, under the escalators and going towards Landmark. They have other colors, shapes and styles to choose from. Ask for new stocks when you buy. Have fun hoarding!

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