Monday, April 5, 2010

Elianto Eye Primer 01

This is my first primer so there is no basis for comparison but I will still tell you what I think about it. First, I like its simple but classy case. The very clear mirror inside is a surprise bonus. 

I like the creamy consistency of the primer. It glides easily on my lids and it blends really well into my skin tone. I use my fingers to apply. This is number 1. I think it's the lightest. I always get the lighter shade because my skin is acidic. 

It doesn’t give me allergies – no rashes or redness or bumps. My eyelids look flawless after application. The best part is, my Fashion 21 eye shadows (and all my eye shadows for that matter) stay put the whole day. No need to retouch. I’m grateful because that’s one less load in my very heavy bag. I don’t like bringing my Fashion 21 palette to work but sometimes I really have to. With this primer, even cheap eye shadows would stay put the whole day. 

Price is P299, roughly  USD6.64. You bet it’s worth it! You can buy this at Elianto, Watson's and Beauty by SM. It's my first Elianto product and I'm excited to try their other products. Repurchase? Absolutely!

I’ll also be trying the e.l.f. eye shadow primer next time.   

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