Wednesday, April 7, 2010

E.L.F. Corrective Concealer

Because I soooooo wanted to do the bride's makeup back in Iligan, I secretly hoarded makeup. Secretly because I know MB wouldn't approve (hoarding makeup) plus the fact that I wasn't even really sure if I was going there. I was eyeing this concealer palette from Cinema Secrets but ran the other direction as soon as I saw the price - give or take a thousand bucks.  I found this corrective concealer palette from E.L.F. 6 days before we flew to Iligan. Talk about a good sign! (Or so I thought). This was the only thing missing in my makeup arsenal. But you all know how that story ended.

Anyway, it has 4 shades:
Nude and beige shades to conceal problem areas, green shade to neutralize redness (we all know that) and lilac to brighten dull yellow tones. I'm yellow but the lilac is the least used shade in my palette. Yeah, I'm yellow compared to MB.

It's not a good idea to use this product alone. It doesn't give you enough coverage unless you pile it on. I use this to conceal my zit marks from taking too much drugs (hehe ----> steroids). The green shade does the trick then I put on either the beige or nude depending on the intensity of the discoloration. Don't put this under your eyes. It creases. It's also hard to apply unless you use your fingers. It's also not a good idea to put this on the sides of your nose. Same reason - it creases. 

One thing good about this product though is its versatility/flexibility. It can be used with all the concealers in my vanity. It's especially great with the Etude House Surprise Concealer Stick.  You can also tap the Ellana Concealer in Awake over it but be sure to blend, blend, blend. I've also used this with another E.L.F concealer (which I will write about soon) and it still performs well. 

Here's the applicator:
I was really surprised with this applicator! It's the very first applicator (that I found) included in a set that is not useless! That is, if you have the luxury of time to carefully and leisurely apply concealer. The brush head is too small. It takes such a long time to cover up. I use my Charm concealer brush instead. But you can still use this for smaller areas. Or if you're really OC about concealing problem spots.

The price is P249.75 and you can buy it at Beauty by SM. Will I repurchase? YES! The benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Or until I find an alternative.

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