Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kotex Luxe - Finally!

Finally, after months of waiting, my Kotex Luxe sample package arrives. It arrived last Thursday. It's funny though as my officemate was asking about it last Wednesday. She's really an Angel (nagdilang anghel). I had samples delivered to my best girls in the office so we all had a nice surprise that day.

What's inside?
A blurry pic. Couldn't find the right setting for a black on black background. Any tips? I use a point and shoot camera. Still saving up for a better cam. 

The box comes with 2 samples. They're quite generous. I was expecting only one. They also put some flyers about Kotex luxe and a trivia about a woman's body. These two, I accidentally tore up because of excitement. 

Because I hate waiting, I already tried this product in February. I can say that I'm very satisfied. I'm very loyal to Whisper. It's the only brand I use because I'm allergic to the other brands in the market. Kotex Luxe does everything that Whisper does. Sometimes even better. It doesn't give me allergies. It's very soft and it doesn't give me rashes because it doesn't have a plastic covering like Whisper's. It's very absorbent. 

I can't use this for heavy days though. I'm too paranoid. For heavy days, I use Whisper's Night pads. The long ones with wings. I only use Kotex Luxe on my third day. I dare not use it at night. 

For only P33.10 for a box of 5, I've been hoarding like crazy. I buy a box or two every time I go to the supermarket.

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