Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's Your Favorite Nail Polish Remover?

Mine is The Face Shop's or Etude House's Nail Wash. But since I'm getting fond of Caronia nail polish I decided to try this:

I searched a long time for this product. It's not available at Landmark, Watson's nor Beauty by SM. I found it at SM Supermarket. It costs P50.

When it comes to nail polish removers, I'm very particular about the scent. I don't like the green local polish removers because they smell really bad. That's why I shell out 95 bucks to have a decent smelling polish remover. Caronia smells okay. You can still smell the acetone but not that strong. The cute color is a plus too. It's quite attractive especially to teenagers. 

The polish remover itself is good. You can compare it to Etude House's Nail Wash. I can easily remove my nail polish, even the thick glittery ones. It doesn't leave a white film on my nails but it kinda dries up my cuticles and the surrounding skin. My fingers peel a little a few minutes after application. 

I also don't like the container. It spills a lot. I was holding it upright the other night and accidentally shook the bottle. The contents spilled on my hand. Good thing I did not have nail polish then otherwise my nails would have been ruined. The amount of spilled liquid was enough to wet one cotton pad. Sayang!  

I may buy this again when I run out of Etude House Nailwash and don't have the time to run to Megamall. So again, what's your favorite nail polish remover?

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  1. I use that too! I'm glad the counters are not full of pure acetone. eew. :P -Dawn



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