Monday, April 12, 2010

Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil - Revisited

If you've been following my posts for quite a while, you'd know that I'm allergic to this product. I originally wanted to sell it on ebay and I did post it there for a short while but I changed my mind when I read that it can be used to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. 

Stretch marks are predetermined. If your grandmother and mother have it then you're bound to have it. My mom has it and so I've developed a few during my teenage years. Add to the fact that I was an athlete. I was very active in different sports, one of them, figure skating. Your legs are one of the most used parts of your body when you're a figure skater. It has ups and downs though. Your legs will be perfectly toned but your thigh muscles will be so developed that they will get bigger, thus the appearance of stretch marks. 

I use this beauty oil on those marks left on my legs. I've been using this product for three weeks, not everyday though as I tend to forget but I can say that the stretch marks have considerably been lighter. They're still there (I don't think they've developed a "cure" for stretch marks yet) but they look better. I'll continuously use this product and I'll see if I'll repurchase depending on the end result. I use this at night, after taking a bath. Just put a small amount then rub. I rub vigorously to double as a massage.

You can also use this product for a luxurious body massage, that is if you don't mind feeling oily afterwards. Try it on a small part of your body first, say your lower legs and see if you're comfortable. If not, you can always use this.

The Sunflower Beauty Oil is available at P99.75 at Human Heart Nature online.

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