Thursday, April 1, 2010

Iligan Wedding Pics

So sorry, you gals! I was out for a while because my laptop, Coco, crashed. We had a hard time finding a picture editor that's easy enough for me to use and light enough for Coco. Anyway, Iligan was great although everything happened too fast. I hope to go there next time to relax and not be pressured and stressed like the last one. 

Without further ado, here are the Iligan wedding pics:

Here's the bride and groom.

God knows how badly I wanted to do the bride's makeup. Oh, well.... Maybe next time when someone else gets married.

Here's the bride's (and MB's) mom:

Here's the entourage:

Here are my good friends, Engineers K and V. V is MB's brother. K is his girlfriend. 

I took this pic! (Using V's camera)

Almost everybody in Iligan is an engineer... I'm so OP. Does being a Google Adwords Certified Professional count? Haha! Not even close! What's an advertising gal/internet marketer doing in a place full of nerds? Peace, people of Iligan! Especially to these two above. And MB who's also an engineer. = ) Oh, and my good friend Ms. A is also an engineer! Geez... I'm surrounded by cyborgs...

Here are the ninangs:

And yeah, we're naughty like that.

Here's MB and moi at the church:

V's worst nightmare:

Haha! Because we're both city girls (though K was born in Iligan, she's been spending a good part of her life in Cebu now) and we're both suplada and mataray. It's a miracle we jived the first time we exchanged text messages a couple of years back. We've been friends ever since. She's like my sister from another mother. Harhar! 

The obligatory table pic with the newlyweds:

And here's the photo that I like best just because MB is smiling. It's very seldom that he smiles in pictures. Correction, half-smiles.

This means that we're back to our regular programming so stay tuned for product reviews and other interesting articles!

Photo credits: Engineer V and their cousin T. Thanks you guys!

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