Thursday, May 6, 2010

ELF Mechanical Eyelash Curler

If you're looking for a cheap eyelash curler that's not crappy, I suggest you try elf's mechanical eyelash curler. I've had this for over a month now and I'm satisfied with its performance. 

I like the fact that it has handle guards to keep the springs in tip top shape. It's also useful when storing. It keeps the curler's shape. 

I've been using The Face Shop eyelash curler for a few years now. It works but the problem is with the refills. They don't have refills at TFS so I chuck one when it's overused already and buy another curler. Not very practical. I've discovered some eyelash curler foams/refills but I've yet to try them out. I'll feature them here if they meet my standards.

Going back to ELF. I've been using this everyday for the past month and I can say that I'm impressed with the quality, what for the price of P129.75? It doesn't give my eyelashes squarish curls. I also don't need to press hard. I just press and walk, press and walk. It doesn't "eat" my lashes and doesn't tug my lids. It's very easy to clean. Just wipe with tissue. I use antibacterial wet wipes.

See that tail on the left handle? That's genius! It gives me more control over the pressure I put on my lashes. My ring finger automatically rests on that tail giving me extra care and hold over the curler. The result is perfectly curled lashes without stinging the eyes, pulling the lids or accidentally plucking eyelashes. 

It's great that the box comes with a refill. I like this so much that I bought another pair for my cousin. I think this will last me a long time. 

Up next, I'll show you the mascara that works great with this curler!

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