Tuesday, May 25, 2010


First of all, sorry for the following photos. Blogger is giving me a hard time with uploading. The original photos are horizontal and when I upload, they become vertical. So, I apologize.

Last Mother's Day, my sister and I treated our mom and grandmother to lunch at Max's Greenbelt. For every P1500 purchase, you get a Rags2Riches purse/makeup kit. It looks like a small rectangular box when closed

Here are the photos:

Cute as a button

two small compartments inside

top compartment (thanks a lot blogger)

bottom compartment

My mom and grandma decided to give me this kit because there's only one and they said I'd probably be the one to have the most use out of this. Plus it's too bulky to put inside a bag and too small for them to carry their everyday stuff.

This is my second piece from a local designer. The first is my Barba Eco Bag

I haven't really used this as the compartments are too small. My makeup and brushes would fit here but the overall purse is too big to put inside my office bag. I also don't want the added weight. Maybe I'll use this when MB and I go out on a date one of these nights. 

The bag is made from the same material used in the production of our local door mats so you can say that this is a sosyal basahan! Read the history and stories of how this purse came to be and you too would be proud of owning a Rags2Riches piece. Read here.

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