Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are You Obsessed with Washing Your Hands?

I know I am, especially when I'm cooking. I wash my hands every time I change ingredient. And if I'm handling meat, I make sure to soap up before handling the next ingredient. This attitude has lead me to try numerous hand washes over the years. My favorite is the Watsons brand. Not only is it cheap at P179.75 at buy one, take one most of the time, it's effective and doesn't dry out my hands. It smells really nice too. I love the watermelon, citrus, magnolia and lavender scents. There's also this other brand from Watsons which I will show you in the future.

Meanwhile, when these hand washes are not on buy one, take one, I look for alternatives. El cheapo in me just couldn't manage to shell out the same amount for only one bottle. This has lead me to discovering this product:

I don't like the original Bench Alcogel Hand Sanitizer as it makes my hands rough and the gel smells terrible after some time. Since this hand wash is in mint, I couldn't resist. After all, it's a liquid hand soap and not a gel sanitizer. 

This sure was waaaaay different than the hand sanitizer! It doesn't dry out my skin even after several washes. The mint gives my hands a nice tingly feeling after washing. The smell is heavenly as you all know how much I love mint. I had no problems with the dispenser. It's obviously not the cheap ones that some companies use for their products. It gives a nice lather. I only need to squirt once and it becomes all bubbly after a few seconds of rubbing. I've had this for almost a month now and the bottle is still a third full and everyone in my family uses this everyday!

This costs P129.75 at Bench. I'm not going to repurchase once this bottle runs out because Watsons is on buy one, take one mode again and I just bought a couple of bottles of hand wash over the weekend. When the promo is over, I'll definitely purchase the other scent from Bench.

On a side note, see that bottle of Baby Company baby wipes at the back? Avoid that at all cost! Especially if you have a baby! It's cheap at P99.75 for 2 bottles and there's a reason behind that. The material is cheap. It's not soft at all. It's quite rough and feels like rough plastic. I'm sorry I can't describe it accurately. The scent is too much. It's sickeningly sweet. I wouldn't recommend this for a baby. I definitely don't use it on my face. I only use this to wipe my hands free of the Monea. And I'd have to use 2 sheets to do that whereas with Hello Kitty wipes, one would suffice. The container is also cheap as some of the bottles were already leaking. The scent and texture are definitely not for sensitive skin, much more a baby's. Do not use this especially on your baby's bum or to even wipe off poop/pee. Your baby might have rashes. 

Hmmm... I think I'm going to do a separate post on my favorite wet wipes soon.

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