Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Gentle Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

You guessed it! What else, but Celeteque!

Regular readers know that I use these for my daily skin care. I added Celeteque Facial Moisturizer about a few months ago to my nightly routine. I love to use this when I'm stressed out or when it's too hot. This very light moisturizer glides on my skin smoothly and is easily absorbed. It doesn't make my skin oily. It doesn't make my face itch even when I sweat. No allergies, rashes or redness from this product either. It's water based and oil free so it's perfect for sensitive and/or oily skin. 

I interchange this with my other products. I use the night cream from Human Heart Nature after my weekly DIY facial scrub. When my face feels fresh and is not itching or is not breaking out, I use the Garnier spot corrector to get rid of the spots left by my steroid breakout. On regular days, I use Celeteque. I don't get allergies even if I use this after my Etude House Tea Time Facial Wash. My skin feels extra soft in the morning after using this. It also makes my face look fresher even when I'm too stressed prior to application.

I don't know how much the regular tube costs as I'm using this tube that's a part of the mini travel kit which includes the facial wash and the toner. This is available in supermarkets, Watsons and Beauty by SM. 


  1. I'm planning to buy this too after I finish my Myra E Vit-E Vitawhite Moisturizer. :) I want to try an incredibly non-greasy moisturizer and then hardcore sunblock. I think I can't just use SPF 15, my skin's so red under makeup!

  2. This is absolutely great! Even my friends swear by it!



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