Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dove Go Fresh Energizing Gift Pack: Thank You, Phoebe!

This is my first time to win in a blog contest. So a big THANK YOU goes out to Phoebe! Phoebe is one of my favorite bloggers. I like the way she writes plus she takes fabulous photos.

This set includes the Dove Go Fresh energizing bars, deo and beauty body wash. I'm afraid I'm allergic to the bars because of the scrub beads. It's a pity as they smell amazing. So MB gets the beauty bars and my mom got the deo. I don't really mind because the body wash is perfect for me. It's Dove in liquid form! You only need a little to get a good lather. I made the mistake of putting too much on my bath lily the first time I used this. I thought, because the wash was almost cream-like in texture that it won't lather up as much. Big mistake. The lily was still very bubbly and full of the product when I finished taking a bath. I wanted to cry while rinsing it off. You know how cheap I can get with products. So now, I very carefully put Dove on my bath lily because I don't want to waste this expensive body wash. It's around 130-150 pesos, I think. Other body washes cost P150 for a full-sized bottle. This Dove bottle is the smaller one.

If you already use Dove, you'll like the familiar feeling. Although there are some people who don't like Dove because they feel that they're bathing with oil or lotion. If you're one of those people, stay away from this product. 

I love the citrus smell, very energizing. But the scent doesn't stay on your skin for long. It can easily be covered up by lotion. Actually, the smell starts fading once you sweat. 

It doesn't give me allergies, rashes, itchiness or redness. It's quite easy to wash off. My skin doesn't dry up as much. I don't get those white lines when I scratch but I still have to slather on lotion. This is great when I'm just staying home where it's very hot and I avoid lotions. It's enough to keep the itchiness at bay.

Will I repurchase? Absolutely! Now, if someone can suggest a good body scrub for sensitive skin then I'll be happier.

Dove Go Fresh is available at supermarkets, Watsons and Beauty by SM.

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