Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Reason Why I Love SM

I love SM because of my BDO Rewards Card. I just love shopping there to accumulate points and then using the points to shop some more! Heck, even my boss loves the points system! I've even mapped out my shopping list strategically to get the most out of my card. Everything that I can buy from SM, I buy at SM. I especially love Watsons. I buy all my cosmetics and toiletries there. But I do most of my grocery shopping at Landmark because it's cheaper there. Hey, I may love to shop but I'm also a smart shopper. I love bargains that are useful and worth the trip/money/effort. I don't just buy because something is on sale. 

And speaking of sales, don't you just love SM's seasonal sales and year-round promos? I love their buy one, take one promos at Watsons and the occasional discounts. I especially love the freebies. 

Take this for example:

I got this FREE when I purchased Php1300 worth of stuff at Beauty by SM. It' pretty big and durable. It was able to handle the weight of the full sized hand wash plus some other stuff. I'm bringing this bag the next time I'm buying a lot to save on plastic.

Take a look at the print inside:

Sorry about the pic. Does anyone know why blogger keeps doing this? MB said that the picture is too big. I tried resizing the other photos and blogger still published it vertically. This picture is the same size as the one above. I would really appreciate your help on this.

Anyway, my only qualm about this bag is that I can't fold it. It's not really easy to bring around when it's still empty. I can't put it inside my bag as I'm afraid it will get deformed. But I think this will be a very useful travel bag especially if you're just going to put a pillow and a blanket inside or some pasalubong or your dirty laundry. Never put valuables inside because it doesn't have any zippers. It's too wide and too open. 

So, those are my reasons why I love SM. How about you? What do you love about SM?

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