Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Etude House Happy Tea Time Milk Tea Cleansing Cream

Whew! That's a mouthful!

I never liked cleansing creams and makeup removers. But the price (P189) and packaging of this cleansing cream was practically screaming, "try me! try me!" And so I did. And I'm glad.

The direction says to apply on the face then wipe off or rinse off the leftover with water. On my first try, I wiped the cream off with some tissue. Hmm... Still some makeup there. On my second try, I wiped it off with a cotton pad. Better results. On my third try, I wiped it off with the cotton pad and rinsed off with water. Hmm.. Not much of a difference there. 

And so on my next try, I decided to apply the cream all over my face. I rubbed it in, like I'm using a facial wash then rinsed off with water. I then wiped my face with some cotton pads. Bingo!!! It was a success! I got rid of all the makeup plus mascara. So that's how I use this now. 

You might think that that's too troublesome. But see, I don't like the feel of cleansing creams and the after effects it has on my face. That's why I don't use them in the first place. But because of this method, I am able to tolerate this cleansing cream by Etude House. I don't get that icky, oily feeling after removing the cleansing cream because I already rinsed it with water. I feel as though I just had a facial wash and that's always nice in my book. I get nice, soft skin afterwards. 

The cream has a lovely milk tea smell. Kinda reminds me of Johnson's Baby Powder but with a fainter scent. I will definitely repurchase and try the other scents. 

On my next post, I will tell you about a killer combination of products for soft, supple skin that lasts. (Wink!)

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