Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Confessions of a Lip Balm Addict

Hi, I'm Lady E and I'm a lip balm addict. To which you answer _____. = )

I love lip balms because my lips get too dry due to all my meds. I've always been fascinated (and obsessed)  with lip balms ever since mom gave me one when I was a kid - an orange lip balm from Avon. I like buying lip balms more than buying lipstick. I guess it's because of the colorful, creative packaging (just look at the ones from Maybelline) and they're waaay cheaper than lipstick. 

The York and Junior Mints are from Gourdo's. Yes, Gourdo's Greenbelt. They once had this huge selection of flavored lip balms based on popular chocolates and sweets and I asked MB if he could buy everything for me. Teehee.. of course he didn't so I settled on these two.

You already know about the Human Heart Nature Lip Balms which I featured on a previous post.  And the Ilog Maria lip balm featured here which I use every morning before applying lipstick. 

I have yet to review the ones from Maybelline. The problem is, I don't want to open them! They're just too cute for me! But I will let you know as soon as I do. So what's your beauty obsession?


  1. I have an obsession with lip gloss... I have 20 over already and I still won't stop buying... Help!

  2. You and me both Kathy! Let's form a Lip Gloss/Balm Addicts Anonymous! Haha!

  3. Lady E! I read this post just now. May Junior Mints lip balm pala sa Gourdo's! :O I hope they still have them when I go to their store soon. :)



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