Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bath and Body Works Freshwater Cucumber Body Lotion

The first time I used this lotion, I absolutely hated it because it smelled like salad. I didn't want to smell like cucumber salad the whole day! Immediately after applying I thought, "sorry, sis. I'm blogging that I hate this". Good thing, I was so busy that day that I forgot to blog about it. I applied this on my lower legs. As the day progressed, I keep smelling this faint whiff of flowers. It smelled sweet. I thought it was one of my officemates' perfumes. When I got home and took off my pants to change, it smelled exactly like the sweet flowers that had been with me all day. This wasn't so bad after all!

After about a week, I used this again and this time slathered it all over my arms and legs. Oh my... I didn't need perfume anymore! It smelled nicely the whole day and night even after taking a shower. And when I decide to spritz some perfume, it complements my Ferragamo Charms perfume nicely. It also works well with Bench Baby Me so long as you don't put too much. 

The downside is, it still can't beat my scaly skin. At the end of the day, I am still left with chunks of dried skin cells. Haaayy....

I won't be able to give you the price because this was a gift. But you can just go directly to the Bath and Body Works website. This was on sale last January. I hope I can find this here locally. If you know where I can get this, please leave a message. I'd really appreciate it!


  1. hahahaha salad :P

    i agree though :D i love B&BW lotions :D they smell better and better as the day progresses :D

  2. oh, yes! I actually finished this bottle. Sinimot ko pa!



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