Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nail Love

I'm seriously loving these nail polish from Caronia. I used to avoid this brand because of the quality. The nail polish just lasts a day. It's so frustrating to see your nail polish chipped off in the morning. But I guess with brand rebuilding comes better quality. 

These are the colors that I carefully picked from their brand. Most of my polish come from The Face Shop. 

From left to right - Golden Sun which reminds me of sunflower fields, Goddess which is my absolute favorite from the bunch. It's a nice mermaid green. The third one is Purple Punch which I'm wearing right now and which also chipped this morning. I applied this last night. This was one of my first purchases from last year. So maybe the quality wasn't that good yet. Next is Silver Platinum which has been around for some time. I used this in December. Then we have Copper Rock which is a beautiful shade and complements my hand color really well. And Blue Velvet which I saw in a Cosmo ad and fell in love with immediately and lastly Orange Pop for days when I want to be loud and rockin'.

For international readers, yep, they cost only P24.75. That's roughly 53 cents in USD. I'd like to hear from my international readers. What's your favorite local (and cheap) brand of nail polish?

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