Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Incompetency is a Disease

What do you when you're surrounded by stupid, incompetent people? How do you blow off steam? Me, I go to the bathroom, apply makeup and take a deep breath before I go back to wherever it is I'm supposed to be. Then blog about it. I need to write in order to calm myself. Does that sound weird? Perhaps. But you see, if you watch Grey's Anatomy and know Arizona Robbins, I'm like her. When she's angry, she cries. My eyes water up immediately when I'm frustrated and mad, like really, really mad and I can't let it out because of some stupid rule or out of respect for somebody or because I don't want to make a scene and make the other person appear really stupid (which by the way, he/she is) in front of everybody. 

Incompetency is a disease. It's contagious. It's especially bad if it can be found in the workplace, in customer service oriented shops and companies of any size. I find it unbelievable when I encounter managers who blame their staff, worse, their subordinates, for their stupidity and incompetency. And I especially get mad when those managers put the blame on you. Or release their frustration on you when all you're doing is asking for a better service when you're bereft of the kind of quality of service that you deserve. Or when the thing that you're asking for is vital for the completion of a project. And the bad thing about this is, they pass on their incompetency to their subordinates. How many times have you been frustrated with your internet provider at work or at home? And how many times have you felt that the CSR is only giving you a memorized spiel to 'help you feel better'? How many times have you been frustrated at work because the internet or your computer is not working and the tech guy ignores you because he finds Facebook more interesting? Or when his boss pretends not to hear you then suddenly yells at you telling you it's your fault that your equipment is crap or gives you a really stupid suggestion because it's the least troublesome thing to do? Aaaaaaaarrgggghh!!! 

I have absolutely no idea why the older generation of Filipinos tolerate stupidity, laziness and incompetency. Maybe because they're like that and so seeing younger people do the same is okay with them. They normally say, it's okay because they're still young without consciously taking into account that they are the same, just 20 years older. I thought with age comes wisdom. With the behavior that I observe around me, I dare say with age comes laziness and stubbornness. Yes, it's hard to teach old people because they think that they know it all. I am appalled by this thinking especially when I meet old, brilliant people who constantly thirst for knowledge. Old people who are not afraid to make mistakes and who admit their mistakes and then do something to improve themselves. I don't want to stop learning. I try to absorb as much as I can while still young. When I'm older, I will constantly find ways to better myself. I don't want to be like some of the people who surround me.

I hope this younger, newer generation won't fall prey to the ways of these old men. Change is good. Incompetency can be cured. You just have to have the heart to admit it. And the willingness to improve yourself.

So how do I look now? Fabulous. I spent 15 minutes washing my splotchy face and applying makeup using my new Nichido makeup palette (which I will show you in a few days). And if you're frustrated right now, why not go to the powder room and try out a new look. Oh, if you're a guy, grab your PSP and spend 10 minutes playing inside the cubicle with earphones on, of course so you won't get caught playing hooky.    

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