Friday, February 19, 2010

Nichido Pinks Palette

Nichido is a local brand that works well for my skin. I've been using their foundation for years now. It's affordable and it doesn't make my acidic skin dark. Rule of thumb for me, I always choose one shade lighter than my skin tone. When I walk out of the house, the foundation blends well with my tone so I don't end up looking like a kabuki doll.

The palette comes with 7 eyeshadow shades, 2 blush shades and one useless applicator. Here are the swatches:

I had to apply a lot of the lighter shades - from white to the last pink. The last two shades and the blush are nicely pigmented though so one application is enough. 

I use this for day wear (as if I go out at night...). The lighter shades of pink are nice to use as base and highlights. The dark ones are great for that outside V part of the eyes. I sometimes use the darker pinks in the middle for contrast. As for the blush, I apply a small amount with my fingers and blend well using my kabuki brush. I don't regularly use the blush because they're too pink for me. 

This palette works great with Fashion 21's earth triple shadow and my Maybelline eyeshadow mini palette. The palette costs P188. Isn't that amazing? Will I repurchase? No. This will last me a long time. Plus I'll be buying another palette soon. 

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