Monday, February 15, 2010

Etude House Dear Darling Mini Lipsticks

The first thing that I notice in makeup is packaging. If the packaging is blah, I ignore it. So it's obvious why I was drawn to this product even though I'm not a hearts girl.

These are the mini versions and cost around P278. I think this is the P278 and not the blush in the earlier post. Still, the blush costs less than P300.

With flash...

Without flash...

These are not highly pigmented. As a matter of fact, you have to swipe them on at least 3x to get some color. I especially swipe more than 3x because I always apply lip balm before applying lipstick and this product just glides on the lip balm without leaving any color.


Notice the difference in photo quality? The pictures above where taken a month ago when I went shopping at Etude House. The swatches were taken a few minutes ago. (Yes, I'm home sick...again.) And I've been tinkering with my camera, adjusting settings and all that and this is the result.  All my photos are not Photoshopped. I don't know how to use the darn thing. I only use Fireworks to create a watermark and to resize my photos. That's it.

I'm clasping MB's arm here as my arms and hands are still shaky because, well, I'm sick.

From Left to Right - PK003, BR301, PK002.

These lippies don't harm my sensitive skin. They don't give me enough coverage. Obviously it doesn't last long. You have to reapply every once in a while. Heck, it all vanishes whenever I drink water! Also, my lips felt dry when I applied it without the lip balm base.

Repurchase? Absolutely...NOT! Not worth it. I'd rather wait for Maybelline to go on sale then hoard as much lipsticks as I can. After all my reviews on the different products of Etude House, I'd give the brand a 6 out of 10. I still have the nail polish to review but I can definitely say that The Face Shop WINS!!!

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