Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's Talk Baby Wipes

Aside from my Etude House makeup remover, I regularly use baby wipes to remove makeup especially on my sensitive eye area. I regularly use Hello Kitty baby wipes. The pink one. We were at Baby Company, Powerplant last week, looking for a gift for the new addition to the family in Iligan and I spotted this. It costs P69.75 for 72 sheets. I thought it was reasonably priced so I gave it a go. 

I have mixed feelings about this. It's scented, which I don't like. I think the scent would be too much for a newborn. The sheets are small compared to the Hello Kitty ones. Because of that, I need at least 2 to wipe my hands and/or remove my makeup. With the HK, I only use 1. But this effectively removes my makeup. Just be sure to wipe gently as I find that this hurts my skin. I exert the same amount of effort with the HK wipes but that doesn't hurt. This hurts. Now I'm wondering if this is really safe for babies. 

Another interesting find are the cotton buds which are packed like Q-Tips and cost only P69.75 so I bought that too. Will see if it's any good compared to The Face Shop's and the Watsons brand.

If you want to try the HK wipes, buy them at Landmark supermarket. Don't buy them at SM or Watsons because they cost P98 there. At Landmark, they only cost P79.75. P20 is not a joke, you know. 

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