Monday, July 19, 2010

Pink Soufflé, Anyone?

It’s Monday and I’m bummed out. The cold really gets to me. It’s nice that the sun has let up a bit but boohoo for my aching joints and muscles. Woke up this morning feeling awfully tired with my limbs hard and useless. Half of me was paralyzed again. I kept thinking that I need to go to work to supplement my shopping trips because my Project Pan is done! That’s the only good surprise for me this morning. I was able to finish the last Project Pan participant. Teehee..

But enough about that and let me introduce you to one product that perks up my day.
nivea angel star body soft souffle, by bitsandtreats Nivea Angel Star Body Soft Soufflé

Packaging is very cute. It’s a nice baby pink shade. It gets better inside:
nivea angel star pink souffle, by bitsandtreats Keep it in

The product itself is covered with foil. I love it!
nivea angel star body souffle, by bitsandtreats

It looks like this when you open it. It’s called soufflé because it really looks and feels like soufflé! It’s very light (like a perfect soufflé) and smells amazing.

No need to worry if it’s hot outside. Nivea Angel Star Body Soufflé is non-sticky even when you perspire. It disappears on your skin a few minutes after application. The faint smell of raspberries stays on your skin the whole day long.

nivea angel star souffle on hand, by bitsandtreats

nivea angel star souffle on hand close up, by bitsandtreatsClose up

Don’t be concerned about the tiny specks of shimmer. It actually makes you look glowing. The shimmer is also more subtle than Myra E’s tinted moisturizer. 

I didn’t have high expectations for this product at first. I thought it would be great for my arms but not for the uber dry skin on my legs. But surprise, surprise! I did a scratch test and no white lines!

There are two sizes. I got the smaller tub for Php59.75 at The Landmark Makati. I really liked this product so much and so this small tub became an accidental part of my Project Pan. = )

Update: You might also want to be careful when opening the tub as the product is like very soft jello. You might accidentally spill the contents.


  1. oohhh, lovin that sparkly stuff! will buy buy buy! wonder how the lip balm looks like though. thanks thanks! ^__^

  2. I also bought the lip balm and I'm trying very hard not to open it because I still have to finish 3 open lip balms! Argh!!!

  3. I wanna try this even though I haven't finished my Myra's TM, maybe because I was intrigued bout the fact that it has a faint smell :)


  4. First time I saw this was during the launch in Batangas (the Nivea Camp). was so impressed! sadly i never got around to buying it since i got other lotions. but yeah this is a great product.



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