Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is the start of something new…

 Instead of makeup and skin care products, I chose to buy these:

chelsea sandals, by bitsandtreats Chelsea Sandals, Caronia Blue Velvet Nails

I originally wanted 3 pairs of shoes from The Ramp but sadly, they didn’t have stocks. The SA said that there’s only one stock per size and the display was “new”. So not true! I’ve been eyeing those shoes for more than 2 weeks plus the shoes were already very dirty and they call that new?? Don’t you just hate it when SA’s do that? Sometimes they’re just too lazy to get new stocks that they’ll just push whatever’s on display even if it’s dirty or damaged.

So off I went to SM to just look around. I spotted a pair that I liked but changed my mind after I went back to it. That’s how I shop. I take a look around, make a mental note of the things  I like then walk around some more. When I come back and I still like it then I buy it.

I went to Chelsea just to look around. At this time, I was totally resigned to the idea of buying new shoes. It’s just my luck that I spotted this pair. I couldn’t decide which color to get so I got them both. When I see shoes that fit me, I immediately buy several pairs. My feet are size 5 but it’s really hard to find shoes that fit me. The size 5’s in the mall can sometimes still be big and the size 4’s are too small. These fit perfectly. The best part is, they were on sale! They were going for Php600 and I got them for only Php540/pair.

It seems that Chelsea/Chesca is the only brand that truly knows my feet. Almost all my shoes are from this brand and I’ve been a loyal customer over the years.

How about you? What’s your shoe adventure lately? And what’s your favorite brand?


  1. Those gray shoes are gorgeous! Will definitely check out Chelsea next time :)

  2. I like your new shoes :) I have not had any shoe adventures lately. :( Sadly, I am no shoe person.



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