Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clean It Up!

I’ve become OC with brush cleaning that’s why when I read somewhere in Oprah that you “need to wash (or was it clean?) your brushes ONCE EVERY FEW MONTHS”, I cringed. I’m sure most of you wash/clean your brushes every after use.  I sure do. I deep cleanse them once a week and clean them with a brush cleaner after every use. This particular product is what I use:

ellana clean it up brush cleaner oil-free formula, by bitsandtreats Ellana Clean It Up Brush Cleaner

I’ve never tried any other brand because the others that I’ve seen are quite pricey. This one from Ellana fits my budget perfectly. This is the new formula and costs Php170 but I only got it for Php150 because the sales attendant that was in charge of the booth was MIA and so the other SA’s from the other booths subbed for her. They couldn’t find the price tag for the brush cleaner and I was already waiting for 20 minutes so the girl just decided to stick the Php150 price tag. That’s a 20-peso savings. Score!

It’s funny because on the label it says it’s an oil-free formula then at the bottom it says it has tea tree oil. Isn’t that oil too?

ellana clean it up brush cleaner oil-free formula on hand, by bitsandtreats Oily

At first I was concerned with the oil but it dries up after a few seconds. It really is fast drying, faster than the old formula.  It also made my brushes softer after a week. It even made my HerBench brush soft. It’s one of the first brushes that I bought and I have to admit that it was quite rough and scratchy but this brush cleaner made it softer. It is now comparable to my Charm brushes. It also cleans better than the original formula. Maybe it’s because of the oil. They’ve also retained the original scent. Or maybe it just smells the same to me. = )

Of course I will repurchase because I haven’t found a brush cleaner that compares to this in terms of price and quality. What about you ladies? What brand of brush cleaner do you use?


  1. Johnsons baby shampoo works for me, hehe! el cheapo!

  2. Wow, I haven't used a daily brush cleanser before... I only deep clean weekly. Might try this! :)

  3. i bought this too.. long time ago :)

    i do it the same way. use this to clean after use then i wash them on the weekends (sometimes, up to two weeks --- bad busy me ^^)

    i'll be following you now :D
    drop by my blog some time :D



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